New Media, New Democracy

During the first 100 days of Obama Administration that promised a ‘new politics,’ join our discussion to ascertain 1) what that really means, and 2) the impacts of new media in our political culture.

This is an online extension of New York University tutorial course “New Politics, New Media, and the Future of Democracy.” We, as a class, invite you to join our discussions that you can follow with short videos and posts on Class Discussion and .gov Commentary.

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Hello!  If you’re reading this, you’ve stumbled upon the blog for our class.  It’s ended (sadly), and while the members of this blog may one day return to continue discussing what we started, we’ve moved on for now.  Feel free to look around and leave a comment though – even though we’re studying other things at the moment, we’re still interested!

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Okay, so what I really wanted to do was visualize all of Wikipedia, but seeing as to how less than half of the uncompressed contents filled up the remaining space on my hard drive, I decided to just go ahead and do a visualization of the article on NYU instead.


Visualization of Wikipedia's article on New York University

Visualization of Wikipedia's article on New York University

This word cloud was made with Wordle.


The results were pretty unsurprising; I really wasn’t expecting anything different.  But this is an interesting way to look at text based documents; there is something about the process of turning text into an image that makes it much more consumable in the short term.

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Created with IBM’s Many Eyes tool, this tree map shows the breakdown of attendees to a recent “rebooting government” camp broken down according to the affiliation of participants. As you can see, there was a close balance between government and vendor attendees. (A live version lives here.)

Intriguing article about how the campaign made use of the ideas of some behavioral economists.


Economists’ Debate page. Interesting readership and participation.

This reminds me of

Boom Goes the Dynamite:


Yo dawg, I heard you liked… (meme):

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  • Jed: While I agree that his answers presented himself much more as an educator rather than a schoolteacher, President Obama still held the press conference